2014 Purple Tie Monologues

The start of anything can sometimes be tricky. That was definitely the case for the 2014 Purple Tie Monologues. This was an evening of education through the arts. Guests experienced true survivors allowing them to see an in-depth look at what happened to them while with their abuser. They then returned and told the guests what they were now doing post abuse. There was a Spoken Word Artist, food, vendors, and more! You truly had to be there to experience it! This night was definitely epic! It took the ATL by storm!! Next year will be even better!

2014 Presenters included:

Dorsey Jones- Human Trafficking

Juanita Gaynor- Sexual Abuse

Kameelah Montgomery- Spoken Word

 Kenyetta York- Sexual Abuse

 Pythias Chester- HIV/AIDS

 Samantha Gregory- Domestic Violence

Veronda Ford- Ministry through Mime

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