2015 Purple Tie Monologues

The 2nd Annual Purple Tie Monologues is here and we are UBER excited about what’s to take place. Domestic Violence is an epidemic that truly will take everyone in every community to come together to aide in bringing awareness and standing up for those who don’t have a voice. This is not only done through community members, but those who have been able to survive and overcome what many do not have the strength and time to overcome.

Often times when a person thinks of Domestic Violence, they only think of the physical, but it’s not just that. It’s Sexual, Verbal, Financial, and even Trafficking. It’s also something which can begin as early as a youth or a teenager. Georgia currently ranks #9 in Domestic Violence and #1 in Teen Dating Violence. Because of this, Fostering Hearts does its part to bring awareness in a unique way each year through our Purple Tie Monologues. This year we had the following presenters to shed light on the effects it can have, while sharing how they didn’t allow them to give up. We also had our featured Spoken Word Artist to grace the stage again this year.

2014 Presenters included (in no particular order):

Ashley Zackery- Sexual Abuse
Maleeka Hollaway- Domestic Violence
Elona Washington- Sexual Abuse
Nicole Jones- Domestic Violence/Sexual Abuse
Pythias Chester- HIV/AIDS
Kameelah Montgomery- Featured Spoken Word Artist


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