2016 Purple Tie Monologues

3rd Annual Purple Tie Monologues


When the average person thinks of Domestic Violence, they only think of the physical, but it’s not just that. It’s Sexual, Verbal, Financial, and even Human Trafficking. It’s also beginning to happen more and more in our youth.  Georgia currently ranks #9 in Domestic Violence and #1 in Teen Dating Violence.

Fostering Hearts’ mission is to bring awareness in a unique way. This is done each year through our Purple Tie Monologues.

The 3rd Annual Purple Tie Monologues was nothing short of amazing! We were honored to have presenters who were unapologetic and unashamed of sharing their story to bring about change. With close to 100 people in attendance, their insight on Domestic Violence and the effects it has on the victims, was definitely made more keen. They left empowered and ready to make a difference in the lives of other survivors. 

In case this is your first time hearing about this event, let me tell you about it. The Purple Tie Monologues is an afternoon of education on Domestic Violence through the Arts. There will be presenters “showing” you their story, as well as, special entertainment of those who have either experienced it directly or know someone who did. Our goal is to bring about awareness and through awareness bring about change to the war on women, meant, and children. Domestic Violence is a silent killer and it’s time for us to say, “NO MORE”! 

This year we had the following awesome presenters and performers:

ZeShawn Foster- The Child’s View

Reshonda Ervin- Domestic Violence

Cherryl Pigues-Crite- Domestic Violence

Elena Mills-Robinson- Sexual Assualt 

Called 2 Dance Mime Ministry 

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