Happy New Year, Happy New You

It never fails, year after year we sit around and make these crazy New Year’s resolutions only to have accomplished nothing by the end of the year. Why keep making them? Well for many it’s the thrill of wanting to do something different with their lives, but the lack of zeal and persistence to actually do it. I myself have been guilty of such a thing. What effect did it have on me? It just made me feel horrible, but not until recently did it make me want to get off my tail and actually do something.

You see that’s the key. You HAVE ┬áto have a made up mind that you will no longer sit around and allow life to pass you by. I mean, life is supposed to be lived right? Live it! I know, I know that’s easier said than done some may say, but it’s actually not! Fix your mind on greater things and you will accomplish those things. But wait, let me tell you a secret…. LET GO OF THE FEAR! Fear is the absolute number one reason why many of us don’t get where God has ordained for us to go. Let me tell you, if it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, it’s not where God is calling you. He won’t call you to do the easy, but those things that will stretch you beyond measure so you will grow beyond measure. Don’t allow another day to go by where you let the thoughts, words, or actions of others to affect you. That’s why they are where they are. They focused too much on what couldn’t be done instead of what could be done. So as you prepare to live your life in 2014, here are a few things I want you to carry with you daily:

1. Jeremiah 29:11- It tells you that God knows the plans that HE has for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.

2. Release past hurts and disappointments.- What good are these doing you?  Release those who caused it, even if it was you, and move forward. I promise you will feel lighter.

3. Surround yourself with positive influences.- These are your movers and shakers. These individuals will assist in catapulting you into the next level of your life and be glad while doing it.

4. Ask for what you need.- The saying goes, “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.” If your circle doesn’t know what you need, how can they get it to you.

5. Remain faithful.- No matter what, don’t give up on you and what God has called you to do. It may not be easy at first, but it will get better with time, obedience, and faithfulness.


Happy New Year! Love you!!!

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