Our Founder

423363_3563110563283_314340967_nPaula Foster was born December 24, 1982 in Decatur, GA. Born to a strong, independent mother, she credits her for the ability to have survived all she’s been through. Paula is the mother of three and acknowledges they are the reason she continues to fight and pray for better. Paula keeps God first and never forgets where she came from.

Paula has been raped and physically abused and truly understands how her test has become her testimony. She is a survivor and is NOT ashamed to tell her story. Paula knows by telling her story, it is the key to open doors of survival for others. She truly lives by the motto of, “Silence No More”. For every victim she can empower, they are one key turn away from their destiny. They each have a destiny.

Paula’s personal mission is life to empower women of ALL cultures to be the best them they can be. Regardless of where they started, their end is truly much brighter. Paula shares this message of hope with all she comes into contact and yearly speaks at a Teen Summit to encourage the youth not to go down the same path she did. If they do, there is always an opportunity for a turn around.

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